Hawaii State Bar Association Staff

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Member Data/Licence Renewal lcastillo@www.liau2.com
CLE Programs kcuskaden@www.liau2.com
Member Services ahayashi@www.liau2.com
Newsletters/Mass Communications bsimon@www.liau2.com

Executive Director
Patricia Mau-Shimizu
Ext. 212
Email: patms@www.liau2.com
Administrative & Executive Services

Assistant Executive Director
Iris Ito
Ext. 211
Executive Secretary Tiffany Laput Ext. 210
Email: tlaput@www.liau2.com
Administrative Assistant
April Robinson Ext. 200
Email: arobinson@www.liau2.com
Communications Coordinator Brian Simon
Ext. 217
Operations, Finance & Technology

Director of Operations Christina Bae Ext. 205
Email: cbae@www.liau2.com
Accounting/ Membership Specialist Liberty Castillo
Ext. 209
Email: lcastillo@www.liau2.com
Accounting Associate Sackarel Andrada
Ext. 214
Email: sandrada@www.liau2.com
Programs and Events

Director of Programs and Events
Katra Cuskaden
Ext. 208
Email: kcuskaden@www.liau2.com
Member Services Coordinator Adrienne Hayashi
Ext. 216
Email: ahayashi@www.liau2.com
HSBA CLE Programs Assistant
Nikolette Hartmann
Ext. 206
Email: nhartmann@www.liau2.com
Lawyer Referral & Information Services

Attorney/Client Relations
LRIS Administrator
Evelyn Gomez Ext. 220
Email: egomez@www.liau2.com
Attorney/Client Relations
LRIS Assistant
Amy Yogi Ext. 219
Email: ayogi@www.liau2.com
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

MCLE Administrator
Blaine Kawakami
Ext. 218